TpT Back to School Blog Hop!

It has been so exciting to recently learn about the Teachers Pay Teachers store online.  I came across it while reading some fabulous blogs that I have discovered.  Have you heard of Teachers Pay Teachers?  It's an online store FULL of stuff that teachers LOVE! Worksheets, clip art, lessons, Powerpoints.  You need it?  I bet you could find it there.
I'm not a seller yet, but I have done a ton of browsing and buying!
Take a look at a fabulous find I got over the weekend when TpT had their sale!  I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin to check out tons of goodies!


medium-290620-1.jpgI didn't have a TON of time over the weekend-- TpT would keep me on the computer for HOURS!  There are so many things.  But the one thing I COULD NOT pass up was Runde's Room:  The Length of the School Year Activity Set.   She had a ton of ideas to use in here which gave me just the start a needed to create something for my math classes during the first few days of school. I'll post that once it's finished in the next week or so.

What did you find at TpT that is worth sharing?

:)   Michele

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