Lesson Planning and Procrastinating

So I have about 2 weeks before my sixth grade friends join me in Middle School Mayhem.  I am really looking forward to meeting my new friends, but it is going to be a challenging year.  We have finally adopted the Common Core Standards, which in itself if not a big to do, but we also adopted a new digital math program to teach it.  I am currently in a love-hate relationship with this program.  It is good-- it will be good-- no it will be AWESOME once I wrap my brain around how to use it!  It is all online. EVERYTHING!  Lesson planning, lessons, the whole shabang.-- Minus a workbook the kids will use in class. 
I'm in love with all of the things this program will do.  It gives more examples than I can come up with.  It provides data data data which being a math- geek- matician I LOVE.  But I am in the hate stage right now.  MUST FIND MY HAPPY PLACE! and Dunkin coffee.. Must find Dunkin coffee!
Happy Place

It's taking me FOREVER to learn how to go through one lesson.  3-- THREE hours today for just one lesson.  I am going to use an interactive math notebook as well.  So I am going through, learning the lesson and pace, finding all the vocab I will need and checking the foldables if any are needed.  MIND BENDING!-- {Boy I love CAPS today don't I. <hee hee>}
Anyway it feels like it is taking a long long long time and this is making me want to PROCRASTINATE because this is the learning part that is NOT fun.
Anyone have any advice to share about using digital math programs?  Any ins or outs that would make life easier for me?
How about advice about Interactive Notebooks-  what does yours have at the beginning besides the obvious Table of Contents?
Any and all comments appreciated!



  1. What math program are you using? We have a digital edition, but it also came with textbooks and teacher editions. It's nice to have it on the computer if I don't have my materials, but also to have the actual copies of the teachers editions and other materials.

    Mara and Lauren

  2. Our district purchased a one year contract with Pearson Learning. It's their DIGITS program. I like a lot of it now that I've been using it for a month, but I'm still scrambling to plan more than a day or two in advance.
    Thanks for joining me at Coffee Cups!



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