12 of my FAVORITE things on 12-12-12

12-12-12.. can you believe it!  What a great day to be a math teacher!  I love days like this.. so many possibilities!  I'm partial to 11-11-11 actually, that is my daughter's birthday... Last year she turned 11 on 11-11-11.  We celebrated by surprising her and taking her on a tour of the White House.  She was UBER excited.. we met Bo the President's dog.. very cool.

In honor of such a great day, I'm linking up with a few peeps over at Miss Kindergarten and A Teeny TIny Teacher  to celebrate their 12 in 12 Favorite Things Linky.  

Here are mine:
12:  Favorite Movie of 2012- Batman Returns.  This morning was so cool.  I loved all the twists and turns and suspense.. and special effects.. My Inner Geek was so excited!

11:  Favorite TV series:  Hmmm this one is difficult.  I don't watch a lot of tv.  I guess I'm partial to the Big Bang Theory.. again.. Inner Geek.. BAZINGA

10:  Favorite Restaurant:  I like Pizza.. my favorite place is a tiny artsy, crazy, pizza joint that thinks its a junkyard in Gainesville Florida called Satchels. CHOMP CHOMP

9:  Favorite new thing you tried in 2012:  Blogging.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to put myself out there, but I'm glad I did.  Now I am patiently waiting for my blog redesign... I can't wait... it is HARD to be patient!

8:  Favorite gift you got:  My red Converse sneakers.. they were a Back to School present.

7:  Favorite thing I pinned:  Totally back to my Inner Geek.. and I can't pick just one...

6:  Favorite Blog Post:  Writing about using my Interactive Notebook and the different foldies I've made with my students.  I love my Math Notebook, and my students are really taking ownership!

5:  Best Accomplishment: Working and teaching with other teachers through my classroom and blogging.  Having the courage to stick with blogging when I wasn't sure people would be interested.  

4:  Favorite Picture:

The kids thought they were so funny "tricking" us into standing in the Splash Zone..Ha

3:  Favorite Memory of 2012:  Our family trip to Universal Studios.  We loved going to Hogsmeade and drinking Butter Beer.  My son rode the Hulk roller coaster and it was quite a thrill!

2:  Goal for 2013:  Continue to work on improving my Blog, Posts and TpT store.  Getting back into running again.

1:  One little Word:  PERSEVERANCE

Be loud, Be proud, Be ORANGE 

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