Inequalities in my Math Notebook And Wacky Wordie DECIMALS for Christmas!

I love that I started using my Interactive Math Notebook this year!  We've had a few new things to learn as Sixth Grade Smarties.. inequalities just about put us over the edge earlier this year, but one thing that came out of it was the investment in our Math Notebooks.  I LOVE using these!

For our inequalities, we had to practice reading statements and graphing on a number line.  I had students color code the greater than, less than signs and then box the signal word within the statement.  This was defiantly one of the more difficult topics for them.  I know I will be putting them on our Weekly Review Sheets for extra practice.

Now that we are into decimals, I'm so happy that they feel comfortable with math again.  This week we are reviewing adding, subtracting and multiplying before break.  I can't wait to use my Wacky Wordies DECIMALS pack on Thursday! My students are excited to get up out of their seats and move through the Task Cards.  I think they are happy to get to use their calculators too!

What are your math plans before break?  How are your students doing with the Common Core Math Changes?


  1. Hi Michele,
    I love interactive notebooks too. I use them mostly in science and social studies with my 3rd graders. Most of our textbooks are consumable and there are a lot of "interactive" activities but I sill like the notebook best. It is such a nice record of everything they've done throughout the year. We have started implementing CCSS in the intermediate grades yet in math. Next year we will. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. Do you have a copy of the printouts you glued in the journal?


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