i'M HaViNg a SaLe

Clip art is from Ashley Hughes at The School Supply Addict

Just wanted to write a quick post about having a Sale at TpT from 12/30-1/1.  Click on the picture above and stop on over if you get a chance!  I just posted a new product on Nonfiction that is easy to use for anyone in grades 3-7 and you can incorporate your own articles, books and stories so you can differentiate.
I'm going to post more about it a little later!
I hope everyone is enjoying their break!

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  1. Hi Michele! I got your question on my blog today but couldn't reply to you personally since you're a "no reply" blogger. Can you send me an email at amandamadden@me.com so I can reply to you? (I didn't see your email here.)


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