Blog Challenge Day 1

Hello Friends!  If you have visited me recently, I posted in my Five for Friday that I was going to try and blog every day in June.  Here it is LATE in the afternoon, and I haven't blogged yet.  I certainly can't lose this challenge on the first day!  Please forgive me, LOL we have been at a softball tourney all weekend long, and we are sunburned and HOT!
So all I'm leaving you with today, is a pinky swear promise to do my best and blog every day for June, including some freebies along the way.
Have a great week!
and Go Gators.. in the NCAA World Series Championship Game!


  1. What a great goal! I know you can do it!!! Glad you are having some warm weather!

  2. Every day in June??? You impress me. I need to write down some post ideas. My brain has fizzled out. Lol! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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