World War I: Learning about Militarism

Last Friday was a half day for my Smarties.  We had professional development in the afternoon, so in the morning, my teammate and I switched around our team schedule and had our students play a game to learn about militarism.
We've been learning about the MAIN causes of World War I.  When we teach this, we use the acronym MAIN:  Militarism, Alliances Imperialism, and Nationalism.
We found a great game that showed our students how the different Allies built up their forces.
Students each cut out the game board and pieces so they could take it home and play in the afternoon.  We paired everyone up and gave them about 40 minutes to delve into it.  It was a great way to spend our short day!

I'm looking for a few picture books to help teach World War 1 and World War II.  I'd love to hear any suggestions you have.  Thanks!


  1. Great organizer! I just finished watching the World Wars on the History Channel. It was really good. I liked the way it clearly explained WWII. It might be a little too intense for your boos, but clips could be used.

  2. While teaching about WWII and FDR I used political cartoons to teach about the programs and policies. There are some great ones out there, just search with Google Image. There are a lot of WWII ones by Dr. Seuss too, although I had to carefully pick since some were very political and too mature for my crew, and I was careful not to be culturally insensitive. My students really enjoyed the cartoons and trying to figure out the underlying meaning.


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