Two for Tuesday: June 17th 50% off Two Great Book Packets

Today I'm linking up with the lovely ladies at The Teaching Tribune and putting two of my favorite ELA products at 50 % off.

My first product is my Salt in His Shoes Pack.  This is based on the book by the same name which is about the childhood of Michael Jordan.  The pack contains work for inferences, character traits and reflection writing with quotes.  I usually use this when I introduce our biography writing unit.

The second is my Esther Morris Gets the Vote pack.  This is book is about Esther Morris, who did an amazing job with Woman's Rights in the West.  This pack contains inferences, character traits work, citing text based evidence with a thesis statement, and letter writing.  I've used this book when I was introducing citing text evidence, and during Woman's History Month.

I hope they can be helpful to you!  Feedback is always appreciated!


  1. I could definitely use something to help me introduce citing text evidence - thanks!

  2. I have not read these books, so I'm excited to buy these and try them this coming year. They look great! Thanks so much!

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