Book Blowout Reminder

I just wanted to remind you of this super sweet deal that is going on right now.

There are so many great products in this package.  I just finished up my multiple perspective books, and my Reader Response Rectangles really came in handy when I had to leave plans for a sub unexpectedly.  There are easy for your class to use with little direction.
My sub could ask the whole class these questions, and they met as groups to come up with the best answer.  I guess it became quite a competition for "Who could most impress the sub! " I'll take it over behavior problems any day!
This bundle is only $19.99 for 18 instant downloads and over 700 pages of materials.  There are a ton of things you could find in these products.  What a way to differentiate your novel learning, and find new mentor texts to teach from!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Michele,
    I am cluing in Cayden's Middle School Teacher about your blog and TpT store...hope she likes your stuff, I do! I'm going to 3rd grade next year with my super smart accelerated class, so I might need your reading rectangle ideas her soon! Hope to chat soon, it has been a crazy year, almost done with my masters and I bought a house...what was I thinking? LOl...


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