BTS Sale coming! What I'm wishing for!

Today I'm linking up with some blogging buddies to talk about this big Back to School Sale that is buzzing around TpT.

TpT has really been a marvelous way to get so many awesome resources for my classroom.  I love that I don't have to spend a gazillion dollars on a teacher book when I was only interested in ONE idea in the book.  That used to drive me bonkers!  Now, with TpT I can find that one small unit or lesson plan that I was looking for and was too busy to make on my own.

I wanted to share two items from my TpT store that are on a lot of people's wish lists.  I am hoping with the added 28% off, they will take advantage, and make a few purchases.
The first is my Sixth Grade Common Core Checklist for MATH.

This includes a zipped file which contains the CCSS standards for math which can be printed on labels; a checklist of I can statements that you can either place in your own plan book, or have students put in their notebooks to help them remain accountable for standards and learning, and a set of CCSS posters that can be used for classroom display.  I really like the checklist for this product.  With so many changes that have come out regarding teacher evaluation, the checklist is a really quick way to help students maintain that accountability for their learning.
You can go {HERE} to check them out.  I am also finishing up a 6th grade ELA packet which will be up in time for the SALE on SUNDAY!

The second item that is on a lot of wish lists, is my Least Common Multiple/Greatest Common Factor Lessons with Foldable.
This packet contains 5 Lessons for teaching: Prime Numbers, Prime Factorization, Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Factor and Simplifying Fractions using the Prime Ladder Method.  It also contains a mentor text suggestion for background information on prime numbers, and a foldable for notebooks.  You can go {HERE} to check out this item.

Finally, I wanted to share an item that is on MY wish list.  I'm going to be picking up Erin's Interactive Notebook for Literature.  

She is a blogger buddy at I'm Lovin Lit, and she is awesome.  I love that she teaches middle school just like I do because she always has great ideas that she shares.  You can check out her TpT store {HERE}.  

And don't forget to stop by TpT on Sunday and Monday to take advantage of this great sale!

Check out what is going on!


  1. Your products look great! I hope you have a great sale. I'm looking forward to shopping!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Wow! I love your blog, such an awesome site! Good luck with your sale!


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