Five for Friday: August 30th

It's Friday! Woot Woot!  The start of my last weekend before school starts.   Thank goodness it is going to be a long weekend, I have a ton of things to do!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs, and giving you 5 Random Things from my week!
1)  My classroom!  YAY I was actually able to get into my classroom this week.  I was thinking I wouldn't be able to get in and get things set up because there has been a lot of work done on our building this summer.  No one has been allowed in.  But fortunately, we got notice from our principal that we could come in this week, so I've been spending a bunch of time there.  There is a lot of work to be done!

2)  I've been working more and more on creating a Math Workshop environment for my math classes.  I've been blogging all summer about a great book that I read, and listening/participating in Twitter chats.  One of the things I made for some workshop time are Operation Sorting cards.  

My smarties will have to sort the cards according to the operation that the word represents, and then add the words to a foldable in their math notebooks.  I was hoping to laminate them this week at school, but unfortunately the laminator is broken, so I will have to wait on that.

3)  I had a chance to meet with my fabulous teammate this week, and we wrote a letter home to our students.  It reminded them about what they needed to bring to school the first day.

 There was a school orientation on Thursday where students can come in and find their homerooms and practice lockers.  We are not required to be there, but my teammate and I decided to work in our classrooms during that time, and that way we could meet some of our students before school starts Wednesday.  It was so great to see them come in with the letters we mailed.  I know they felt more confident after meeting us!

4)  I opened my SLANT box this week from Darnee.  She is fabulous!  I love everything!  You can read about all of the great stuff she sent me and find a link to her blog by going {HERE}

5)  We are visiting the State Fair today.  I always have mixed feelings about the Fair.  I love to people watch, so it is a great place to see all kinds of things, but it is also a signal that summer is ending.  And hey.. who can pass up fresh milk from the Rainbow Milk Bar for $0.25 a cup!  There are so many neat things to see and do!

Stop by and visit Doodle Bugs and see what everyone else has been doing this week!

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  1. Hope you had a great time at the fair. I am so sad that summer is coming to an end too. I have a lot to do over the next three days before the tidal wave of exhaustion hits me next week. Good luck next week!!!


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