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This weekend I have been so busy!  My family has had the best time hanging out in Gainesville.  Yesterday we went to the Fan Day on campus.  It started with an open practice in Ben Griffith Stadium.  This place is huge!  We have a few traditions when we visit Gator Nation.  Most of them involve the places we must go and eat, but another is the Gator Jump.  My kids do this every time we visit.. so funny.

In the afternoon we went to the O'Connell Center for Fan Day.  All of the football players were there; soccer, volleyball, and cheer as well.  They give out free posters, sign them and take pictures with fans. My kids LOVE this, and I get a Gator poster for my classroom wall.  WOOT!

Besides visiting The Swamp, I have also been busy putting my ELA checklist together.  I am loving this product because I can help my students learn to be accountable for their learning.  This product is similar to my CCSS Math Standards that have already been put into my store.  I have also bundled both of them together, and am giving a GREAT discount with the Back to School Sale that is going on.  If you teach sixth grade, this is a fabulous product for you!  Click on the pics below to view these on TpT.

Something else I've been working on is a game for my Smarties when we are practicing Algebraic Expressions.  It's easy to play, and similar to WAR.  I always like to end my week by playing a few review games in math.  It keeps my smarties thinking, and is fun way for me to interact with my class.  Many people think games are just "fun," but I use mine as formative assessment too.  I watch and take notes while groups are playing, and then I know who I have to pull for a little reteaching.  It saves me paper because I don't have to give a quiz.

Because I've been reading Teach Like A Pirate by Dave Burgess this summer, I've had Pirates on my brain... I mean who doesn't love a good pirate!  The cards for this game are pirate themed.. just fun.
If you teach 6th grade (or even need a review in 7th),  teach Special Ed students, or RTI, this is a great group game to check out {HERE}. Did I mention it was ON SALE?  28% off if you use the BTS13 code at checkout on TpT.  Go grab a few bargains for math and ELA.

Do you use games as formative assessments?  Let me know!

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