Five for Friday: Vacation is Ending

Today is our last day of vacation.  We have a long drive ahead of us early tomorrow morning.  None of us is looking forward to our time spent at Gator Nation coming to end, but school calls, and I have a classroom to prep!

1)   We have loved our time here at UF.  There is such an amazing sense of school pride and spirit.  Our favorite part of this past week was Fan Day.  I already posted about getting to meet all of our favorite football players from Gator Nation {HERE} but I love this picture, so I'm posting it again.
2) Just because I've been on vacation doesn't mean I haven't been working on school projects.  

During the Back to School TpT sale, I bought these awesome templates from my BBB, Erin, who blogs at I'm Lovin Lit, and I have been busy recreating my foldables for my Math Notebook.  I am hoping to post more about this when school starts.
Here is an example of one that I made using her template.
3)  A second thing I've been working on are Weekly Review Questions for my smarties in math.  I am going to start the first two with 5th grade benchmarks, and then spiral review questions from sixth grade as I move forward.  I am hoping that this will help my kids remember concepts taught in early in the year on the state assessment.
When I am finished, the WRQ will have 4 computation questions and 6 word problem/explanation style questions.  It will look something similar to this:
4) This week we went on a hunt for Cronuts.  Have you heard of them?  Basically they are donuts that are made with croissant dough.  The ones we found we filled with Bavarian cream.  I had a chocolate one, and my daughter chose strawberry. Yummy!

5) Lastly, I signed up for an account with Remind 101.  This is a great way for me to communicate with my parents.  You have the ability to text message parents or students information about anything going on in your classroom.  What I love about it is that my parents or students do not see my cell phone number, and I don't see theirs.  It is a great way to communicate because everyone is always on their phones!  You can find out more about Remind 101 by going {HERE}

Enjoy your weekend my friends!  Let me know how your week went, and don't forget to visit Doodle Bugs and see what everyone else posted in their link!


  1. Those Cronuts look scrumptious! Your kids look great in those colors Michele! :) Maybe I can use some of your math ideas/products for my high math students (4th grade). I have 2-3 that will definitely need to be challenged.
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Hi Friend! Your new activities for math look great! Erin's set is wonderful! The kids look like they had a blast in Gainesville and I want a cronut!! Have a very very safe drive home!! Maybe we can Skype soon!!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  3. Loooove the foldable! Thanks so much for the shout-out!! That locking trifold is one of my absolute favorite ones. I have NOT heard of cronuts but it sounds right up my alley!! Good luck getting ready for your school year!
    I'm Lovin Lit

  4. Cronuts sound dangerous. I wonder if we have them here. Or maybe I don't want to know. LOL I love Erin's templates pack! I've been using them to create some of my units too! :)
    ideas by jivey
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  5. You're gonna make me go hunting for cronuts?!?!?! They sound delish :-P Glad you enjoyed your vacay. I hope you enjoy your treats when you get home & it makes the idea of unpacking a little less unappealing ;)

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

  6. Doughnuts are bad enough for me but now Cronuts? They sound absolutely, deliciously, fattening! LOL! I love Remind101! Our school district does not allow cellphones in the classroom (they have to remain off and in their lockers), but our principal allowed us to have our students bring their phones into the classroom so they could sign up on Friday! Parents will be signing up at Open House on Tuesday.

    Surviving Sixth Grade

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  8. Ooooh, Cronuts? YUM!!! I'm going to use Remind 101 for the first time this year and I'm so excited!
    Growing Firsties


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