Don't you love a Book Bargain!

On Friday I drove to the post office to mail my SLANT box to my new Bloggy friend, Mechele, from Barrows Hodgepodge.  She is a teacher in Alabama.  I was amazed at what a small town she lives in, but we bonded over SEC football, so all is well.   I know there will be more coming about SLANT boxes soon.
My POINT of today's post is about my great finds at the Goodwill which is NEXT to the Post Office.  So with Iced Dunkin in hand, I stopped in.  I was really on the lookout for a few things:  Jenga, Guess Who, labels, and Books.  I struck out on most of the categories, but before I move on, I must put a plug in for looking for labels at the Goodwill or thrift store.  I have found so many great bargains with labels!  I can usually pick up a package with maybe 5 sheets missing for $1.00.  How can I not pass this up!  Unfortunately, I didn't find any labels in this go 'round, but I did get great book bargains.
Check this out!

I got all 9 of these books for $5.00!  The paperbacks were only 50 cents each, and the hardcover was $1.00.  Don't you just love a bargain.  It makes my heart just pitter patter!  I am especially excited about a book I picked up about the Blitz in London during WW II. It must have been a reader from a book series, but it is a great account of that time period, and it is told by an 11 year old girl.  Perfect for my smarties!  I found a neat book about Pirates too.. and even a combined biography of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak written for kids.  LOVE.  Arthme-tickle intrigued me.  I love any picture books that are math related, so I know I will find a way to use this book!

Last, I had to share a picture of my pooch.  We missed our Berner terribly while we were away, and he was super happy to see us!

Have you found any great bargains lately on books or other things related to school?  Let me know what goodies have made your heart pitter patter!


  1. I love to find a good deal on books!! Those look like some great ones! Thanks for the label tip - I had no idea to even look there!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. Michele, I go to Hospice (thrift store) every weekend! Sometimes I hit the jackpot and other times, nothing. They're paperbacks used to be 10 cents!!!! They raised their prices to 25 cents for paperbacks and 50 cents for hardcover, still a steal though! I've never thought about looking for labels! You're so smart! I'll be on the lookout! Have an awesome week!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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