SLANT Box Reveal!

I was so excited to come home from vacation and see that the Fed Ex Man had paid me a visit and dropped off my SLANT box from Darnee!  She is so fabulous, and I have loved talking to her over the last month.  She is a second grade teacher and blogger from Texas Y'all!  Her blog is called Tales from Two Second Grade Classrooms.  Darnee really got me.. which is so cool.  Look at this great stuff she sent me!
I was LOVE LOVE LOVING all of the orange!  Darnee was crafty too... I really appreciate people who are crafty, because I am so NOT a crafty person, and MODGE PODGE?  forget it... it's in my hair, on my face.. but not Darnee!  She made me this cute box and journal!

What I really love is this little gadget:

It is a stand for your cell phone.  I had just recently been thinking about using music more in my classroom, and I bought this little gadget from Kohls with some Bonus Bucks:
It's just a little speaker system that can connect to your phone, well with the sweet gadget Darnee sent me, I have a holder for my phone and don't have to just lay it on my desk.  HOLLA! and thank you Darnee!
Last, and the most sweet, I ask Darnee to include something that was about Texas or her favorite.. and she sent me these:
Texas Bluebonnets!  Sorry the picture is a little blurry.  I love these flowers, and I remember seeing them when my sister used to live in Texas and we visited.  Coincidentally, my sis lived in the same place as Darnee... another cool connection.  My key chain for school just broke, so now I have a perfect reminder to add to my school keys of a new bloggy friend that I made!

If you haven't signed up for a SLANT box exchange, it is easy peasy.. just check it out {HERE}, and make a few new friends along the way.
Thank you again DARNEE!!


  1. I'm so glad you liked everything. I love orange too, so that was the easy part, hehe. I knew the "blue"bonnets would compliment all the orange too ;)


  2. So cute! Looks like you both had a blast! Hopefully you sign up for September!
    Lessons With Coffee 


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